Model IELTS Essay June 2020

Below is a model IELTS essay for Writing Task 2 this year. It is estimated at band 9.

IELTS Essay Question June 2020

This essay question appeared in IELTS Writing Task 2 a couple of weeks ago. It is a challenging topic if you have not prepared for it. Although topics in Writing Task 2 are not repeated as often as in the Speaking Test, it is advisable to prepare for this topic by learning some of the ideas given below.

The advances in air travel are focused only in first class and this seems to have left others with no benefits at all. Do you agree or disagree?

IELTS Essay Answer June 2020

The essay below will help you understand flexibility linking and see how to explain main ideas. Notice how the thesis statement reflects the body paragraphs,.You can also learn some great vocabulary for the topic of air travel which you can use in your Speaking Test.

Model Answer:

Some people think that the only positive developments in air travel have been in first class leaving others with no advantages. In my opinion, while first class passengers certainly enjoy a premium service, most advances benefit all passengers.

It is true that developments in air travel can easily be seen in first class in terms of premium, private facilities and services. People travelling first class are now able to enjoy pull out beds and a private area where they can work with power outlets and wifi connections. Some airlines even offer first class passengers a suite including a personal in flight chef and private shower. Other companies offer lounges where premium passengers can mingle and network during the flight.

However, it cannot be said that the budget traveller has not benefited from the developments in commercial air travel. Although the seating area may still be cramped causing passengers discomfort, particularly on long haul flights, the developments have allowed them to also enjoy technological luxuries such as individual inflight entertainment options. Furthermore, the food offered to budget commercial travellers has vastly improved, although admittedly this is only available on long haul flights.

Finally, regardless of class, all people travelling by plane can now enjoy better security and safety on board the plane due to advanced technology in flying. For example, the number of fatal air crashes over the last couple of decades has fallen dramatically. Another benefit that can be appreciated by all is the speed at which modern jet planes are now able to reach their destinations making distant travel more frequent and faster.

In conclusion, even though first class enjoy some extra perks, the technological advances in air travel can be shared by everyone regardless of the price of their ticket.

Word 292

Note: I have put the word count for your benefit so you can see how long an essay ought to be. You do not need to write the word count in the real test.

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  1. Hello,

    Undoubtedly, you have written an incredible essay on this topic. I want to ask you something about the same question.
    I have heard from many sources that whenever there is a question: Do you agree or Disagree; it is better to choose a single side. Moreover, the thesis statement should include something like this: I completely agree or I disagree. Can you please explain, if we can still be partial as you did with agreeing or disagree question.
    Thank you so much for you help.

    • You can take a partial agreement or one-sided approach for any opinion essay for IELTS writing task 2. You don’t get a higher score if you use a one-sided approach. No, you don’t have to use the words “agree” or “disagree” in your thesis statement.

  2. Hi Liz, I wrote the test recently and got this topic:
    More houses are needed in many countries to cope with increasing populations. Would it be better to build houses in existing towns and cities, or to develop new towns in rural areas?
    Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

    I felt really confused about the type of the essay, as there is no clear sentences such as:”discuss both sides”. I personally think this is an opinion essay so I only provide points to support my own opinion. Could you let me know which type of essay it is?

    Thank you!

    • This is what many teachers, including myself, call a “Direct Question Essay”. Your ask is to answer the question in the context of the statement provided. If you want a one sided approach, you would say “I think houses should be built in existing towns rather than in the countryside” – your whole essay would explain this view.

  3. Hello mam.., its been a pleasure following your page… i have a doubt regarding a phrase ‘One the one hand’ Is it correct mam?? Or it is ‘On one hand’.. thankyou

  4. hi Liz, actually your blog is very helpfull
    my question is : I found your thoughts great for this article so I decided to memorize it. Is this something wrong? Will they discover that it is not mine because it includes the same ideas as me?

    • It is not often that the essay question is worded exactly the same. The topic may be the same but the question and instructions will differ. So, memorising a whole essay is a waste of time. Also, the examiner who marks your task 2 also marks your task 1. If the English you use in your task 2 is prefect because you memorised the essay, but your English in task 1 is completely different and of a lower level, it will be obvious that you have attempted to cheat. Remember, memorising answers is a form of cheating. This test is designed to test your level of English, not your memory to copy someone’s writing.


  6. Hi Liz! Great respect for your work!
    A quick question though. Does “advances are made ONLY in first class” suggest the rest of the plane has no development at all? If so, wouldn’t discussing improvements made for commercial travellers contradict the prompt?I thought if we disagreed with the prompt we’d have to talk exclusively about how advances made for first class somehow benefit all.

    • But this essay doesn’t disagree with the prompt. It agrees only partially. While there are advances to first class travel, there are also advances to budget travel and travel for all passengers.

      • I beleive if the question ask if you agree or not, you should answer fully agree or dis agree. But if the question is to what extent to do you agree or disagree thats the time you could partially agree or disagree. Is that right?

        • No, that is not correct. Regardless of the wording, if the instructions ask for your opinion (agree disagree etc), you can present any opinion – one sided or partial agreement.

    • Mike Omobhude says

      Thank you Liz

  7. Hello Liz.
    I am following your advanced lessons by heart. I can’t thank you enough for everything you are doing for IELTS band 7 and above aspirants.

    Just a question, in the given question , it does not say “discuss both sides and give your opinion”. It says “…… What’s your opinion?”

    So can I plan my essay as one sided approach to “disagree” and only elaborate my points in 3 BPs and then conclusion?

    will that suffice for band 8 task response?
    please reply. My exam is in next week.
    Thank you again.


    • It is completely your choice if you take a one sided or balanced approach. It doesn’t affect your score which one you choose. However, your score will be affected by ensuring you tackle the issue or issues presented, how you use your ideas, how you support them, how you link them etc.

  8. Please anyone give me a feedback on this essay as I am preparing for the GT exam and I had never attempted IELTS.

    Some people prefer to do physical activities to relax, while others choose mental activities. Discuss both views and give your opinion?
    Ans — Everyone needs leisure time to relax from work and hectic life. Some prefer mind relaxing activities in their spare time, for instance, reading and doing word puzzles. Others think it is vital to do physical exercise for relaxing the body. In this essay, I would shed light on both the notions and give my point of view.
    Undoubtedly, people who are doing hard physical work as a part of their daily life need physical rest. Their spare time will be effective if they spend them doing intellectual activities like reading, solving crosswords, or listening to music. Our brain when concentrating on reading books and doing other stuff involving mental work, we forget other stressful things. It helps to regenerate brain cells and feel refreshing. For instance, a farmer can use his free time in reading newspapers or listening to news related to agriculture reforms will not only enhance his knowledge on a day to day affairs but also provide physical rest.
    On the other hand, people engaged in work which leaves mental strain must take mental rest in their free time. If they are lacking physical exercises and doing sedentary work they can choose outdoor activities, like participating in games. This provides necessary exercises and keeps them healthy. For example, a computer programmer after a mental strain needs physical activity and it is better to go for an outdoor game.
    To conclude, leisure time gives a break from our daily work and helps to keep a balance between work and life. Relaxing activities should be based on one’s day to day work. Physical activities are opted by people having mental strain at work to keep themselves active physically as well while brainstorming activities are for people whose work involves more physically.

  9. Hi Liz,
    Another great post-thanks. Do you think that, in general, higher scoring essays have 5 paragraphs?
    Thanks and hope you’re doing well

    • No. The number of paragraphs (either four or five) does not decide your score. You can have either four or five. The choice is based on the number of main points or central themes you have.

  10. Thank you a lot.
    I took many useful advise from you

  11. Hello Liz, I am grateful to you for providing such a treasure of resources at no cost to prepare for IELTS. Recently I went though GT section and received L8.5,R8,W6.5,S6.5. I was a bit disappointed as I was aiming for 7 in both W & S. nevertheless, before reading your model answer, I prepared mine one. Please give your feedback whether is it worthy for band 7.

    Facilities provided in the flights are differentiated based on the class of occupancy. Though the development of better facilities are mainly concentrated to the first class travellers and other passengers are deprived of the advantages, I believe that for the profitability of airlines it is absolutely necessary to focus on first class passengers.
    Most of the airlines are focusing on providing best treatment to their first class passengers. The foremost reason behind providing best in class facilities to their first class passengers is to earn higher revenue as the charges of first class can be as high as four times the price of economy class. Another obvious reason is to entice the well known passengers such as celebrities, businessman who can enhance the brand value of the air travel agencies. For these reasons, advancements in air travelling are limited to first class passengers only.
    Despite the fact that while all the facilities are provided to the higher class travellers and passengers of economy class feel that they are left behind in the facilities, the purpose of travelling in economy class should not be forgotten. Though most of the air-travellers are belong to economy class, the intention of these passengers is to complete their journey in lowest budget with compromising the comforts. In other words, such passengers are not entitled for the better facilities due to lesser money they spent for their tickets.
    In conclusion, better treatments are offered to the first class passengers due to the enormous amount they pay for the entire journey while passengers of lower class could not be offered the same treatment as they bear fraction of the cost of entire flight. In my opinion, equal benefits to all passengers can not be possible due to their different spending on overall travel cost.

  12. Thanks so much Liz. This is really helpful

  13. I thought that the word “perk” is informal. How it can be used in essays?

  14. Ripon Henry Baroi says

    Thanks for your recent post
    I must say that what ever you post for the students will be much helpful for us.

  15. Thank you so much Liz all your webs are so helpful.

  16. You are the best so far In IELTS coaching thanks for the way you answered this writing 2 question. God bless you real good.

  17. Mahnaz Rezazadegan says

    Hi Dear Liz, a few weeks ago while i was navigating through your wonderful web site, i came across a few ideas for different Essay’s subjects, but unfortunately i am not able to find them any more!!!. would you please let me know where i should look for that on your web site? I have been searching over and over and still no luck yet. Many thanks for your help and appreciate all your kindness.

    • Did you try the main Writing Task 2 section which contains most links to pages relating to essays. Go to the HOME page or use the RED MENU BAR. Alternatively, if you remember the topic of the essay, use the search bar. You can find it in the right hand column of any page (on a laptop) or scroll down to find it on a phone.

  18. Thank you so much Liz for all you do. I’m practically an advocate of Liz IELTS videos, learning from your website has made me a loyal fan of yours.

    I received my test report form and my scores are as follows. L, R, W, S are 8.0, 7.5, 7.0 and 7.5 respectively with an aggregate band score of 7.5.

    Thank you once again.

  19. Hi liz, thanks for sharing your essay it is very useful. Sometimes I struggle with the use of passive voice with two objects. Could you please tell me where my mistake is:

    Active: Companies will probably decline to give foundations their profits.

    Passive: Foundations will probably be declined to give profits by companies.

    • Using the passive voice is all about choosing which sentences are better using passive and which are better using active. That sentence works with an active voice, not a passive voice. Please get my Grammar E-book which has a whole chapter on using the passive voice: We only use passive voice at certain times. So, do not attempt to change every sentence into a passive – it doesn’t work that way.

  20. Thank you Liz, essay is really awesome with good vocabularies it will definitely going to help me. Thank you once again

  21. MINIMOL. says

    Thanks a lot Liz for your mails.My exam is on 17th and 18th July.Your videos ans essays helped me a lot.still I prepare for my exam

  22. Thanks for ur help Liz.i am grateful.

  23. Thank you Liz for sharing this. Pls I have a question which , I have asked before. Am confused on which to prepare and write, general or Acedemic? Am a registered Nurse in my country, just moved to UK to join my family. I want to register with the NMC here in the UK but I don’t know which to prepare for.

    • You should ask which ever authority you will be applying to for your registration. It will probably be Academic, but you must ask them directly for their requirements. Good luck!

  24. Thank you Liz. The essay was tough but you have made it doable. I am grateful.

  25. Thank you so much dear Liz, Although you have explained the question that I would have asked, yet, It’s a little bit confused. The question boldly wrote “did you agree or disagree” but your explanation said they were only asking for our opinion. Could you please shed more light, because if I have met such in exam, I don’t think I will state my opion, rather, write on just aspect.

    Thank you so much.

    • An Opinion Essay is an essay which requires you to present your personal opinion on the issue presented in the statement. The instructions can be paraphrased: Do you agree or disagree / do you agree / to what extent do you agree – they are all the same essay type. They just require an opinion. In my Advanced Lessons it takes me one hour to teach this type of essay.

      • Hey Liz

        The essay on airline benefit for first class is
        balanced approach or one sided?
        I have taken your advanced lesson but in that template I see only one sided where two reasons are given and for balanced approach, it is specifically for certain people.
        My question: why in this essay both side are discussed? We should have two reasons why we agree to one side.

        • This is a partial agreement. I am present my own specific view. A balanced view doesn’t have to be about people – it is anything which provides an opinion clearly that doesn’t agree 100% with either side. In this essay, I am agree to a point that first class has advantages, but then I am pointing out that technical advances benefits all. The number of body paragraphs should match the number of main points you have.

  26. Dear Liz,

    You indeed have a heart of gold, this is something that most people will publish and use to make money from their readers but you rushed to present it to your readers, not only professionally but also free of charge just for their own success. The world certainly needs more people like you to make any remarkable progress!

    Just a quick question, I actually asked in another comment but no response yet; please in not more than two words and or numbers will this be correct or over the count;
    11th 13th june. Will the th count as words?

    • No more than two words and/or numbers. This means you can have many numbers – the words “numbers” is plural. In that answer, you have one word and two numbers. “th” is not a word, it is actually part of the number.

    • Awesome!!!! I personally adore how crafty you are in writing. God bless you. You have impacted a lot in me. Love you soooo much.

  27. Chinemelu says

    I completely misunderstood the question. I thought it meant first class airlines or air travel companies instead of passengers. Please ma, how would it have affected my band score.

    Thanks alot ma for sharing this.

    • First class is a type of ticket. If you got that wrong, you would get a low score on Task Response which is 25% of your marks for task 2.

  28. Aluko Esther says

    Thanks for sharing,its really helpful. Not everyone will be able to attempt this question but with your model answer we can do better.

  29. Hi, Liz thank you so very much for your effort.
    I purchase the E-book for ideas and it is very helpful now I want to purchase the advanced topics although now they are in a very good and affordable price I need the advanced topic only how can I get it

  30. Thanks allot mam , its really helpful . As i don’t have much experience about air travel ,i think it’s useful for every ielts aspirants.

  31. Thank you for this essay model. God bless you liz.

  32. Hi Liz,its very effective specially vocabulary will help alot but i have a confusion in essay agree or disagree we have to agree with one statement in this essay i couldn’t understand that you are agree or not?

    • You do not have to agree or disagree. This is an Opinion Essay and your task is to give your opinion on the issue or issues given. You do not have to take a one sided approach.

  33. I would never have written up to 150 words on this topic. I have never boarded a plane so i will not even have an imagination or proper vocabulary to write this essay. Thanks for sharing Liz

    • Luckily, you are now prepared for this topic. Also review all common essay questions in the main Writing Task 2 section of this website. It isn’t often that topics are this challenging, but you can prepare for them.

  34. This is very helpful, thank you Liz!

    • Thank you Liz, I would have taken a one sided approach if I should be confronted with this question as the balanced approach is somehow complex for me. My exam is on July 25th, your materials have been very helpful in my preparation.
      I hope you’re in good health now? Please stay safe.

      Thank you for your selflessness.

      • If you are not comfortable with the balanced approach (partial agreement), definitely go for the one sided approach. You don’t get a higher score because you’ve got a different opinion. However, be careful with essay questions that tackle two issues rather than one. For example: “We should build more houses instead of parks” – even a one sided approach must tackle both issues – you disagree with one and agree with the other.
        Thanks for asking about my health. I have a long term illness which will take me a couple more years to recover from. This year will be particularly challenging for me – but I keep my fingers crossed 🙂

  35. Shajahan Mohammad says

    Thanks Liz

  36. Hi liz
    Very true. This is off beat topic, less people r aware of specific grammar and Ammenties used.. I was little stuck on reading.. Thanks for help

  37. Otito Okafor says

    Thank you, Liz.
    Please, I’m confused on how to count words – help me understand better.

  38. It is so unfair to ask people to write an essay on this topic. I wouldn’t manage to write on this topic even in my native language.

    • But now you can. Your task is to prepare as many topics as well. Travel is a very common topic – even in IELTS Speaking. Start learning and thinking about it. There is no point being negative about it. Be proactive and be happy that I am giving you as much as I can to help you.

  39. Okoroafor says

    Waooo so helpful thanks lizzy

  40. Thank you Liz!

  41. George Essienton says

    well written

  42. Thanks

  43. Bridget Onokwai says

    Very educative.

  44. Thanks for sharing your model essay. It seems to me that this topic demands some subject knowledge as opposed to knowledge of language to be able to write properly and efficiently. It would not be fair for those who do not have experience of travelling through the plane and might be quite challenging to write and getting idea regardless of language competency, I guess.

    • This is the reason I have created this model essay for you. So you can learn about this topic an gain useful language. It is not often you get a topic which is so subject specific. Rather than seeing this as a negative thing, see this model essays as a chance to get ahead and develop your English.

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