Official IELTS Updates on Coronavirus & IELTS Tests

Hi guys,

Below you will find useful contact links for updated information from and from the British Council and IDP regarding the situation of the Coronavirus. Find out if your test has been suspended and when it is likely to be rescheduled.

Please remember that this situation is changing week by week and even day by day in some places. No one can predict what will actually happen which is why test centres cannot give you guarantees of dates – see keep checking the links given below. Also make sure you make sensible decisions for yourself and your family. Most test centres are offering for people to cancel their test date and get a refund if they are worried about being in close contact with others. This is something you can consider. The British Council and IDP will always follow official advice when it comes to the decisions they make about suspending their services. This is not a situation to be angry or upset about, it is just a consequence of the worldwide situation and we must accept it with calm and with a positive mindset. Meanwhile, use this time to continue preparing for your future. Learn English and develop your IELTS skills. See my IELTS Liz HOME Page for useful links.

Official Page of Suspended Tests & Reschedule Dates

If you go to the official page, you will see information and a list of countries and test centres affected by the Coronavirus outbreak. It will list country by country and city by city which tests are suspended and when they will start again. CLICK HERE: OFFICIAL LIST OF SUSPENDED IELTS TESTS WORLDWIDE. Check this official page regularly because the situation in different countries and cities is frequently changing.

However, you might also want to check with your test centres in the country where you are. See below for BC and IDP links.

British Council

If you click on this page: BC Cornoavirus Response, you will be taken to the British Council official page for their response to this outbreak. Select your country from the drop down box on that page and then read any update information about what the BC is doing in your country regarding tests and lessons. If you are in further doubt, contact them on the BC Facebook Page and ask a question specific to your country and the city where your test centre is.


If you registered for your test with IDP, see the following page: IDP Coronavirus Notice. On that page you will find general information about their response and also a link to “contact your local IDP office”. If that doesn’t give you the information you need, send a message via FB: IDP IELTS Facebook Page. Remember, they might been getting a high volume of messages so be patient waiting for a response.

Keep Learning and Stay Positive

I will continue to post lessons each week to help you continue to develop your English and your skills – subscribe below to get them. Next week, I will post vocabulary relating to the Coronavirus to help you read official WHO advice more easily.

Below are some useful links to FREE lessons.

For Free Listening Lessons, click here: Listening Practice

For Free Reading Lessons, click here: Reading Practice

For Free Writing Task 1 and Task 2, click here: Task 1 and Task 2

For Free Speaking, click here: Speaking Topics, Answers & Tips

For Free Vocabulary: Vocabulary Lists

Ideas for Topics E-book & Advanced Lessons

This is a good time for you to prepare ideas and vocabulary for topics. Even if the Coronavirus has disrupted IELTS test dates, it should not disrupt your development of English and IELTS. My Ideas for Essay Topics E-book will help you learn both English and ideas for IELTS while you are at home. The Advanced Lessons will teach you techniques to push your score above to band 7 and above.

All the best and stay safe!



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  1. Claudia Hutter says

    Hi Liz.
    If the website says that the Ielts exams are suspended until the 18th of April, does that include the 18th April if the exam is on that date?

    • Usually it mean until, but not including. However, you can contact them for clarification. Please remember that this is still just an estimated date. No one knows how this virus will play out. For most of us, it is a waiting game. Be ready for dates to be changed and keep checking that page for updates.

  2. Augustine Udefi says

    I booked my IELTS for April 4th, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, I read that the British council is closed to the public. However, I’m yet to get an email from them.

  3. Hi Im confused 😕.. I transferred my test date through the link which they sent to me.. And after filling all details I pressed submit and then the showed that it will refund me after 2 3 weeks but I didn’t ask for refund.. So how can i know that uh test is booked or not.? And they also gave 2 days to choose a date.. Please help me. N also called them but because of virus the lines are closed

    • Sounds like the test dates were probably over-booked and no longer available. Send an email to your test centre asking for confirmation and explaining what has happened. Then call them again next week. Please remember that test centres are overloaded with calls and emails at present so you will need to be both patient and persistent.

  4. Hi Liz,

    I was gonna write my test today (21st March 2020) but I got an email last night that its suspended indefinitely due to the pandemic so tha’ts bad news. The test venue is in Lagos, Nigeria.

    I really hope we get a fixed date so this part of my journey is over.

    Thanks for your updates. Its appreciated.

    Kind Regards,


  5. Karan Singh says

    Dear Ms Elizabeth

    Hope you’re doing well.

    I’m glad I took the (Acad) test on 7 March.
    Got the results today.

    L – 8.5 / W – 7 / R – 8.5 / S – 7.5 (overall – 8)

    I was hoping 8+ in speaking but I’m also happy that I didn’t get a 6/6.5 because I had sabotaged my task 2 (~20+ words short of 250) and no conclusion either (although I did dedicate the 2nd para to an overview. Topic was – technology is getting smarter and may surpass humans. What’s your opinion? For/against?)

    It was my first attempt at ielts and I hadn’t taken any mock test. I spent most of my time going through your material (although i regret not using your website for W. Task 2) and a few other prominent internet coaches but I must thank you and congratulate you for making a 5* e-compendium that is no-nonsense, free of charge and most importantly, respectful of the candidate’s time.

    I hope many more students find their way to your website.

    Praying for your and everyone’s health.

    Karan Singh.

  6. Thanks liz

  7. kripa karki says

    thank u for your love and care

  8. Hello Liz I’m Theresa from Ghana
    I want to know if I can learn from the Internet only to have a high score in ielts without having to book for extra classes please.

    • IT depends on two things. a) if your English level is strong enough for the band score you want b) if you are quick at taking on board the skills required for IELTS and are good at understanding the requirements of IELTS.
      Some people can get band 8 with only one week prep and some take months to get band 7. Each person is different.
      There are hundreds of pages on this site to help you prepare for IELTS – start reading and learning. It’s up to you to do the work. Be logical in the way you approach your training. See the HOME Page on this site to open some of the key pages.

  9. Hi Liz,
    Thanks for your love and care. I appreciate your concern about the test takers and soothing words. Love from Chennai, India.

  10. Shalini choudhry says

    Hlo maa’m
    I am from india. I gave my ielts exam two time but ruefully i got 6 bands only every time. I am much struggling with reading .it would b vry kind of you if u will suggest me some besr ideas .

  11. Hai mam ,
    This is from Saudi Arabia. Supposed to be my exam will be on 4th of april. I try to contact ksa BC for the clarifications . According to them until now there will be no changes for my schedule . But I saw in british council news letter for Saudi Arabia exams are suspended .

    With lot of confusion

    • Yes, it does sound confused. You have a couple of weeks before your test date, check both online and by phone with your test centre for regular updates. If you find conflicting information, contact them and ask them about it.

  12. Thanks for the info Liz. I’m planning to take the exam this month but because of the coronavirus situation, maybe i’ll do it next month. Just hoping we’ll be free of this virus soon.

  13. sumalini Alla says

    Hi There,
    Can some one please help in understanding is test at INDIA all centres cancelled ?if so till when and in which centre is test cancelled ?

    In IDP link above its not clear about INDIA.

    Sumalini Alla .

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