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IELTS listening tips and practice lessons for success in your IELTS listening test. Develop your skills, learn about the test, get useful tips and much more. This page has everything you need to do well in your test.

On this page, you will find:

  • IELTS Listening Test Information
  • IELTS Listening Essential Tips Video
  • Extra IELTS Listening Videos
  • Practice Listening Lessons for IELTS Preparation

Information and tips for the other sections of the test, can be accessed through the RED BAR at the top of the website.

IELTS Listening Test Information

There is only one listening test for all IELTS candidates. That means Academic and GT candidates will take the same listening test with the same scoring.

  1. The IELTS listening test lasted for a total of 40 mins.
  2. The IELTS listening recording will last for 30 mins.
  3. There are four parts to the IELTS Listening test:
    1. Conversation between 2 people: social context
    2. A speech or talk with just one person: social context
    3. Conversation between up to four people: educational or training context
    4. A talk by one person on an academic subject
    5. Please note again that all IELTS candidates take the same listening test. The GT candidates take the same listening test.
  4. For the paper based listening test, you must listen and write your answers on the questions paper at the same time. After the recording ends, you will be given an extra 10 mins to transfer your answers from the question paper to the answer sheet.
  5. For the computer delivered IELTS listening test, put your answers directly into the computer. You are NOT given 10 mins to transfer answers because the answers are already in the computer. Instead you have 2 mins to review your answers and change anything you need to. This is the only difference between the paper and computer listening test.
  6. For each set of questions there will be a word count limit – you need to pay close attention to the limit and how it changes for the next set of questions.
    1. For example: write no more than two words and/or a number – you can write one word, two words OR a combination of one or two words with a number OR just a number on its own. Always notice if it allows “a number” or “numbers”.
    2. You can learn how words are counted for IELTS listening on this page: Counting Words
  7. You will have time to read the questions before the recording starts.
  8. If the word is spelled wrong, it will be marked wrong.
  9. COMPUTER DELIVERED IELTS.  Click here to read about the Pros & Cons of Computer Based IELTS
  10. To see the listening scores, click here: IELTS Band Scores.
  11. 2020 News: The example answer given at the start of the recording for part 1 has now been removed. This means when you start listening, get ready to answer question 2 directly. 
  12. For more test information, see this page: IELTS FAQ

IELTS Listening Tips

Essential tips for success in your IELTS listening test. A MUST watch for all IELTS students.

Notice about Using capital letters: this tip has been updated and listed on this page: 25 Essential Tips Listed for Listening

To get a list of tips from this video, please visit this page: 25 Listening Tips

IELTS Listening Free Video Lessons

Free Video Lessons for IELTS listening with both practice lessons and tips. More videos will be added over time.

IELTS Listening Practice Lessons

Some practice listening exercises to help you develop the skills needed for IELTS listening. The lessons vary in level to give all students a chance to practise. I’ve listed the type of listening question with each lesson to help you focus on different IELTS question types. I hope you find my lessons useful 🙂

  1. The Future of Libraries: Sentence Completion

  2. Listening for Diagrams Practice & Tips

  3. Turtles: Multiple Choice Questions & Tips

  4. Blue Footed Birds: Gap Fill

  5. Mammoths: Multiple Choice Pictures

  6. Spelling for Names

  7. Nadiya Hussein: Short Answer Qs & Sentence Completion

  8. Sports Festival:  Summary & Sentence Completion

  9. Fireworks: Sentence Completion 

  10. Listening for Addresses

  11. Listening for City Names

  12. Listening for Letters: Alphabet Practice

  13. Brain Drain: Multiple Choice & Sentence Completion

  14. Numbers Practice

  15. New Year in Vietnam: Sentence Completion

  16. Dealing with Natural Disasters: Dictation Practice

  17. Buckingham Palace: Summary Completion 

  18. Taj Mahal:  Map Completion & Tips

  19. Big Numbers Practice

  20. Dinner Invitation: Multiple Choice

  21. London Attractions: Table Completion

  22. Dolphin Intelligence: Short Answer Questions & Section 4 Tips

  23. Dashford Study Center: Multiple Choice

  24. Festivals: Sentence Completion

  25. Bedford Surgery: Map Completion

  26. Oxford Summer Course:  Form Completion

  27. Terracotta Army: Summary Completion

  28. Sports Center: Short Answer Questions

  29. Comet Landing: Sentence Completion

  30. Species of the British Isles:  Table Completion

  31. Museum Visit: Multiple Choice

  32. Reading City Travel:  Short Answer Questions


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