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Hi guys,

I want to let you know about a new website which contains a lot of reading exercises that will be useful for your preparation.

The website is aimed at articles which cover common topics in English language as well as IELTS. There are questions which you can complete and also vocabulary highlighted. The website is called Ideas in English and is written by a teacher called Nick.

This page – click here Article about Sleep – will help you not only with your reading but also with your IELTS Speaking because it is a topic that can appear in part 1. I definitely recommend it 🙂

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  1. SYED MAHMOOD says

    Thank you teacher Liz .

  2. Joyce Amo Kumi says

    Thanks liz ,very helpful

  3. Leila soltanian says

    Much appreciated dear Liz

  4. Thanks a lot Liz …quite helpful

  5. One of the best resources, especially for speaking.

  6. Thoa Harvey says

    Thank you for sharing

  7. Thanks Liz,
    I appreciate

  8. Lakhveer kaur Dhillon says

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  9. Tokunbo oruma says

    I really appreciate you Liz. You are the best.

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  11. Fahima Jahan says

    thankyou so much liz…I really needed this…

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  13. thank u liz . it’s just what i needed

  14. Thank you so much ma, may God keep you

    • Uttara Mitra says

      Thanks so much.I keep reading all that you post & like each of them.As I am an IELTS faculty too,I try to gather different ideas. So pls keep mailing me.

  15. Thank you kindly!
    This is just what we all IELTS test takers need!

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  16. Thanks so much .

  17. Leticia M. Valera says

    Thank you so much!, I bought your books “Grammar for IELTS writing task 2” and I’m very excited for learning as much as I can, so now, reading is going to be another important help to me.

  18. thanku man

  19. Ivonne Lopez says

    Thanks Liz,
    I really appreciate your contributions.

  20. Thanks very much for your unselfish sharing, Liz! It is really helpful!

  21. Sosan Oluwarotimi Ayodele says

    Thank you so much for this reading practice

  22. thank you , all my answers were correct. your information are always very useful. please keep sharing. its a great help.

  23. Thank you Maam.

  24. Harpreet Litt says

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    Thanks alot teacher Liz; you are doing great job.

  27. Thank you so much Liz. God richly bless you with good health and money.

  28. Mathew koryom Ghai says

    Thanks you madam Elizabeth for your wonderful work.

  29. Kaddijatou Jabbie says

    Thank you for the article, very informative. I tried the Ielts questions and scored 8/10.

  30. Thank you very much about this great reading essay.

  31. Thank you, Liz, appreciate it.

  32. Mario Quanghan says

    Thank you!

  33. Maria Barnard says

    Thank you very much!

  34. I will always appreciate you., Liz.
    That’s thoughtful of you.

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  36. You Rock🙏

  37. Anandhanarayanan says

    Thank you madam for your selfess help.

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    Thanks a ton maam . It is very interesting and informative.

  39. Am glad for the wonderful efforts your making for your students ,God bless you.

  40. Good morning dear teacher,

    Thank you so much!!!! I am going to read, now!

    Have a nice day

  41. chinyere says

    Thank you , quite helpful

  42. Hi Liz,
    Thank you so much for the efforts. I really appreciated

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