Answers to Coronavirus Vocab Practice

Below you will find the answers to the lesson based on coroanvirus vocabulary.

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Vocab Options:

without signs         symptom            asymptomatic            signs

symptoms          a front line            the front line           immunisation     

immunity             lockdown              lock down                 trail   

trial            trails              trials           head           nose             hands     

cheeks            chin         eyes        quarantine        quarantining

death numbers           death toll         death       fatalities      kindness

altruistic      care     thoughtfulness


The answers are the words highlighted in bold below:

  1. Some people with Covid-19 are asymptomatic. They do not have any symptoms at all.
    1. asymptomatic = without symptoms showing.
    2. the word “symptoms” should be plural. It’s a countable following the word “any”.
  2. People working on the front line should have adequate PPE.
    1. This expression uses “the”.
  3. Whether people develop long term immunity after having had the virus is still debatable.
    1. the word “immunisation” is about inoculations and isn’t suitable for this sentence.
  4. In some countries lockdown measures are being eased gradually.
    1. This is one word = “lockdown”
  5. The first human trials for a vaccine are underway.
  6. At times like this, you really need to keep your chin up.
    1. “to keep your chin up” is an idiomatic expression about keeping positive.
  7. Some countries are deciding on quarantine rules for people entering the country from abroad.
  8. While some countries are seeing fatalities go down, other countries are seeing an increase.
    1. This was a tricky one. You can’t have “death numbers” because in English the correct expression is “number of deaths”. You can’t have “death toll” because you would need the article “the” in the sentence (“the death toll”). You can’t have “death” because you would need the plural form “deaths”. So the only possible option which is grammatically correct is “fatalities”.
  9. This pandemic is revealing people’s altruistic traits.
    1. None of the other words are grammatically suitable for this sentence.

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    • All lessons, tips, videos etc on this site are for you to learn from for free. They are all used online and the videos are streamed from Youtube. My paid lessons and e-books can be found in my store. However, you will find plenty free lessons and tips if you don’t have the money to buy advanced lessons. Go to the HOME page of this site to access all free lessons, tips etc 🙂

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    • It might not appear as the topic “Coronavirus” but it might appear under the topic of “Health” or “Working from Home” or “Socialising Online” or “Being alone” etc. You can use all these words to express yourself in such topics and relate it to your experience of the current situation we all face today.

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    1.Asymptomatic, symptoms
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